Trump and the History of Q

Trump and the History of Q

Posted on 03/08/2019 by Era Of Light

How Trump Became President and the Plan for the Return of Our Republic

In 2012, after the second term election of Barack Obama, three patriots formed a secret group of ten very rich, intelligent and powerful billionaires. They were worried about losing America to foreign regimes through fascist forces. That is why they formed a secret alliance, loyal to the flag and constitution of America. They were all personally acquainted with members of the Deep State and obtained first-hand knowledge on their plans.


At that time, this group decided to handpick the next president of the United States. Supported by their powerful, secret alliance, they reached out to trusted associates, motivated by the same reason as to why the Deep State had always handpicked their Presidents; the assurance of a smooth implementation of their plans. Henceforth, they decided to beat the Deep State at their own election game, without letting them know they too were in the same game.


The group of ten named themselves “Q”. Their idea was to take advantage of the enigma surrounding the Q from Star Trek, being all powerful and no one would ever know of Q’s true identity, unless the Q group would themselves reveal their identities to the world. They wanted to operate as an all-powerful, all-knowing, but anonymous group, working in secret without fear of retaliation by the Deep State.


The most crucial part of the overall plan was to put a trustworthy president into office and subsequently, the right people into positions in the government, which would ultimately result in ‘We, the People’ being able to take America back from the Globalists.


So, the first step was to select the person they thought would be most suitable to fulfill the job of POTUS. They listed the following criteria for their candidate:

 He must be charismatic, rich, powerful, self-made, motivated to put America first, proud, thick-skinned, a constitutionalist, outspoken, a non-politician but rather, entrepreneurial, and he must believe in the high probability of attaining success in this job, thereby, in essence, making it happen with his fervor and perseverance.  In short, not an easy undertaking, with very few candidates meeting the criteria!


They selected seven qualified candidates. After careful deliberations, two candidates were eventually picked. Although the Q-group didn’t reach unanimity, after taking a vote on the remaining two candidates, they selected Trump by 6 to 4. If Trump turned down the request, the second candidate would have become president.


One of the Q-members closely acquainted with Trump approached him. Trump was only informed about the basic plan, without too many details, and he was told that a secret, powerful group would be behind him, guiding and supporting him all the way.


Trump was informed about the ten goals of the plan; to make America great again. Eight of these goals were adopted as promotional points during his election campaign. Amongst others, these goals were: Draining the swamp, border security, deregulation, breaking away from globalism, America first, ending the Fed to bring back honest, gold-backed money, the abolition of TTP and WTO trade agreements, and the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.


Trump was not told anything about the Q-team itself nor was he told that the go-between was a member of the Q-group. Trump was only told that a small secret group of rich and powerful people would secretly cooperate with him. He was told that he even had to spend his own money on his own election campaign. Millions and Millions of dollars were spent by him for the greater good of America.


Trump asked the go-between messenger, “you want me to answer to you”? The answer came: “No Sir, we will answer to you”. Trump looked at this messenger and answered: “OK then, I’m in”. The Q envoy answered “OK, it’s a deal, but from here onward, don’t look for me anymore. Consider this meeting to have never happened. I was never here, so to speak. Don’t contact me from now on. Speak of this to no one. We will send people to you”.

This was the first and the last time a member of the Q-team ever spoke to Trump directly.

The organizational structure

Even the messengers that Q sends to Trump do not have any direct contact with Q. Every piece of information is communicated through a middle man. The Q management team consists of the ten creators, all designated by “Q”. They are “The circle”. They recruited ten more trusted associates who together form; “The inner circle”. These members hold positions in the White House and in Trump’s administration.


All these appointees bolster great power and influence. They are all 100% loyal to the constitution, like Trump, and they fully support his endeavor regarding this monumental undertaking. None of these players are familiar with any details of the Q-circle plans, nor do they even know who they are. They only know that there is a powerful, anonymous force behind the President and they are simply the ones that are executing the given instructions, supported by their personal insight and acquired knowledge of the status quo.


The next level below the inner circle is called the “outer circle” also consisting of ten members. These are appointees in powerful positions outside the White House and are also 100% loyal and faithful to President Trump. These men and women are positioned in the agencies, such as the intelligence agencies; CIA, DOJ, and so on.


The last circle is called the “Final Circle”. These members are the judges, appointed into strategic positions, and they too, are one hundred percent loyal to President Trump, the constitution, and to the given assignment that they have dedicated themselves to.  None of the above team-members know anything about the Q-circle, although some of them were appointed on the instruction of Q. That explains why certain Trump appointees seem controversial to outsiders.

Away from the Globalists

The next move is the breaking away from the Globalist fundamentals. Some of the moves that have been accomplished are, for example, the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, TPP, the re-negotiation of NAFTA and countless others. This is to be followed by the dismantling of the Deep State by exposing and draining the swamp. The ultimate goal of the 2018 elections was to obtain control of the Senate, the House and governors, in preparation for the 2020 elections


If a Q member in the Circle were to die, a new member would be promoted from their own ranks, making sure there are always ten Qs. This has already happened once very early on, when Judge Scalia was murdered by the Deep State. He was one of the ten, and was even one of the three founding members. He was a very powerful judge, who had set out to expose and dismantle the Deep State, however, that is all the Deep State knew of his plans and they were completely unaware of any affiliation to the Q organization. The Deep State killed the judge in his sleep, making it look like a natural cause.


This interesting story is true history in real time. As far as was possible, it has been accurately and comprehensively researched, checked and elucidated with the information and Intel available at this moment in time. Share this information with everyone who is awake within your circle.


Everyone, who wants to join in this battle as a patriot in assisting President Trump, his patriots and the Q-movement in the battle for the liberation of the planet from the globalists, is encouraged to participate.


In order to better understand and learn what is truly going on in our world today, THE GREAT AWAKENING series (PART 1 and PART 2) are good guides, with countless links for in-depth individual research. This book has been purposely written for this endeavor, while it may also prove to be very helpful for later cross-references. Both books cover a multitude of facets in today’s corrupt world, and offer a vast array of solutions for the necessary changes that are going to be needed and implemented.