Welcome!  Discovery can be exciting…especially when you benefit from it! 

You will discover unique Strategic Planning  tools here that can change a ‘maybe’ into a definitely will happen result, along with targeted problem solving tools that will turn any artistic or business endeavor into a success story.

But heads up, this is not the same business as usual info you’re used too.

Here you will find systems that address exactly what needs to be rescued, changed, or tweaked to take things to the next level. For as experience has proven…its not ALL about marketing, as there are certain fundamentals that must be in place to fully realize marketing success.

The omission of these fundamentals will lesson your marketing results, no matter how great the product or how well drawn the campaign may be. But when used diligently…these system fundmentals really work! 

Wells dug deep bring more water

We are all thirsting for something, and having the right knowledge is part of quenching that thirst.  Yes there’s a lot of data out there…but unfortunately it’s not all based on fact. Much of it is opinion and often only scrapes the surface of the subject its referring to without having its fundamentals well tested. Therefore the relief gained is often temporary.

Welcome to something different 

Here you will find unique applications that will show how a ‘wrong reason’ for a an existing problem will only make it worse, and how finding the real reason for a situation changes everything. With this process correctly applied the problem area is not only bettered, but permanently fixed. 

Inspiration & passion

There’s a lot of that too. Not just the feel good kind…but the kind that hits you where you live and rehabilitates the ideals and purposes you may have long ago given up on. Or put away, like a shoe box filled with childhood mementos, only to be taken out and looked at when one is feeling nostalgic.

Those mementos of childhood memories, can also be where a few lost dreams lie.

Hidden deep within the mind and heart are places where certain passions have died. Or so it seems. So you just said  ‘I don’t want to go there anymore as it reminds me of failure or a loss.”

We’ve all been there in one form or another…and thereafter found a particular purpose blunted, so we don’t get as excited about the possibilities anymore …or give up on our goals …fearing we won’t achieve them.

But hold it… there’s good news here.

It’s a protocol that will change losses into gains and apathy into passion. And its not something that merely perks you up today, then slowly fades away tomorrow.  It’s something that relights a pilot light in you that may have gone out over time. And by re-lighting it; meaning re-kindling an important purpose…you’re suddenly put back in control of your life again!  As it’s your game again.

The biggest discovery of all

Within you lives all the hopes, dreams and purposes that make life worthwhile. It’s just a matter of finding the right path for you, and then having the tools to keep yourself on that path. 

And that’s the true benefit of discovery: the discovery of you, and your dreams.

 Your own personal fire

Keeping your passion alive through your true purposes is what keeps you feeling excited about the game of life, and thus your work and career.  Also its contagious and has a positive affect on others, making them want to be a part of your game. 

From a marketing and media standpoint, strategically applied purposes allow for greater impact with your target audience, as the public really respond to deeply-felt purposes. They feel you are more in-sync with them emotionally, as purposes speak to loftier reasons for things while goals have more to do with achievement or metrics. 

Make no mistake, they are both vitally important; but where goals tell us what we need to achieve, purposes tell us why we are engaged in the activity in the first place, and speak more about our ideals.  And those ideals, when put with your key message, create interest and reach from others.

So this is a fire…once lit…that you definitely do not want to put out!


To a better world,

Barbara Miller

[email protected]