I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery  –   Thomas Jefferson                                                                                                        

  Barbara Miller & Strategic Solutions

Hello fellow optimists who-carry-on-no-matter-what!

Let me introduce myself  ~

I have thirty eight years as a strategic planning specialist, an establishment officer with a strong organizational background, a staff trainer, an executive recruiter & personnel advisor, a debug specialist, a training manual writer, a PR campaign writer, a public relations officer, a radio publicist, a publishing house publicity & distribution director, and an author advisor. Intuitive and generous of spirit, I simply want to see people become more able to overcome barriers and succeed in building a life that is theirs, whether in career, business or the arts.

Overview of Services Delivered

All services delivered by phone with us viewing the same material at the same time, creating precise understanding.  You will have everything in writing in easy to apply steps.

As a first step, a system is used to successfully handle any unwanted, long term situations you may face in life or work, that will give you better control of things so that your attention can be freed up for more productive activities.  This step brings easier goal attainment as now strategies will work.

And did you know that lack of this first step can even affect the quantity and quality of the staff you obtain, including their loyalty and longevity? 

Next, the strategic planning process affects all existing marketing or media out-reach activities and makes them more effective. This is a very customized strategy that cleverly utilizes your existing resources while separating you out from the competition.  It also crushes certain marketing barriers that allows your brand to reach more of your targeted public.

With the above done, a promotional campaign can be created that gives your brand more exposure by cutting through all the noise and giving your message its own unique voice.

Major Areas of Expertise

Writing Services

Training Manuals and Job descriptions with full glossaries for any industry.   Also motivational writing that helps you to inspire more positive action from your staff as well as more understanding. Copy writing that allows you to attract your public’s attention and interest.  And finally policy writing that helps to pull the group together. If the policy writing is crafted well your team will have more interest in it and sincerity in applying it.

Training Material

Short or full training manuals that quickly get a new hire up to speed on any post with real productivity occurring in less than two weeks, plus the material helps them to successfully integrate into the new group. Also a Fast Flow Recruiting Manual is offered for faster recruitment that handles any barriers to obtaining the ideal candidate with exacting qualifications. This system has been tested and proven to work for any position.

Manuals can be written for any industry, here are some examples

  • Fast Flow Recruiting Manual: Any industry
  • Dental PR & Marketing Full Hat
  • Reception / Front Desk Mini Hat
  • Treatment Coordinator Mini Hat
  • Documentary Film Company Hat: Admin set up, Seed funding, distribution, PR, projects,etc.
  • Creating Your Own Terrestrial Radio Program
  • Sponsorship for Terrestrial Radio Program
  • Social Media Dedicated Hat
  • Media Interview Prep Hat
  • Media Coaching Full Hat

Specialty Recruitment, Executive & Technical

Have extensive recruiting experience and specialize in positions with very exacting qualifications. In other words I find the hard to find candidates, and then vet them thoroughly.  I wrote the training manual called Fast Flow Recruiting Manual and it has been used by recruiters and business executives but is especially useful for the small business owner who don’t have time or money to waste hiring the wrong people.

There are some solutions in the manual on how to hire someone who is worth more money than you intend to pay, but will show a system on how to hire someone who is worth more but will start for less, and how to do this so that it’s actually a win for both candidate and owner.  Also there are some actions that some owners do that actually limit their success in attracting the right people, or that discourage the right applicants from applying. When this is handled the right candidates suddenly appear.. sometimes to the amazement of the owner!  The CEO success stories speak for themselves.

Real Strategic Planning

A real strategic plan expands the operation with a clever use of resources that will jump start all projects and marketing actions so they bite. Good strategies handle future marketing barriers now instead of later by resolving and enhancing expansion with the right tools and tactics. You will have a full road map for the achievement of your goals in a shorter amount of time.

Author Advisor

I advise on all areas of PR and Marketing for authors; from front and back book covers and how this effects sales, to the use of surveys and how to conduct some of them yourself. Also best PR positioning for the author with the media and and how to create an effective book promotion campaign, along with effective author videos or book trailers.  And we can help you turn listeners into fans with media coaching before any radio interviews. I have deeply researched and written an Author Marketing Platform Tutorial that is a one-stop-shop when it comes to creating a functioning platform with large opt-in email list in less than 30 days. With full glossary for the industry, apps and procedures.

I have been called ‘visionary’ and ‘able to handle the impossible’… guilty as charged! 🙂

Many wonder if their hard earned efforts are going to pay off in the long run whether for career, book or business …or if success is only temporary.  So here’s the difference. If you have a real strategy for any operation or project…the tactics will practically name themselves. And work. For its only when you don’t have a workable strategy that your wheels start to spin, creating loss of money and time. As the great Sun Tzu puts it:


Good intentions aside, you may have tried many things or been promised the moon…but the truth is, if you don’t have a sound strategy,  you’re doing it the hard way!  Real strategies handle the very things you are concerned about and build stable expansion into the operation. 

The real reasons for successes and failures are identified, with a tool that enhances the successful actions while dissolving the ineffective ones.

Summary of areas addressed for Business:

  • Debug: debugging the game with steps that create security & longevity
  • Team building: how to obtain and build a winning team; efficient,  accountable and loyal
  • Executive control: giving you better control of the operation with better future prediction
  • Marketing success: out-reach campaigns that reach and motivate more of your target public
  • Strategy: right strategy utilizes existing resources & stably builds your brand 
  • Root causes: discover real reasons for problem areas and their permanent fix

Summary of areas addressed for Writing services:

  • Policies: these pull the team together, deter staff problems, create better efficiency and delivery
  • Training manuals: Small & large hats that help your team get up to speed quickly
  • Glossaries: for any industry, bring understanding and better application of protocols to new staff
  • Motivational writing: inspire positive action using effective communication concepts 

Effective Media or Book Campaigns

  • Purposes & Publicity

Have a book or story to tell? We offer a publicity service unlike any other in the industry by marrying your company or book purposes to a customized strategy that will set you apart from others while widening your audience base.

  • Videos & Broadcast Media

We create professional videos and show you how to utilize them to your benefit, book you on radio shows while giving you specific media coaching that attracts more fans while being interviewed.

  • Book Cover Analysis & Author Coaching

With decades of publishing and media experience we are able to give in-depth book cover analysis for authors before they go to press so all their writing efforts aren’t misspent on covers that don’t attract buyers or only bring lukewarm success. This info comes from industry designers – who know why both front and back covers must fit certain criteria or ones marketing efforts will fall short…no matter how good the writing.

  • Author Marketing Platform

You will have an author marketing platform tutorial that will give exact steps to achieving a functional platform in less time than previously thought. There is a full glossary of the terms needed to understand every aspect of a successful platform. Plus a myriad of applications, examples of what to apply when, how to have the ultimate successful launch, and little known tips that allow you to capitalize on your strengths as an author marketer with control over your book campaigns. Plus the secrets behind sustained  sales and book income vs. the one-shot wonder approach.

Summary of areas addressed for Media

  • Purposes: how these affect your audience and success now and into the future
  • Strategic plan: solves barriers, shows marketing tactics, reaches your targeted audience
  • Book covers: insider data on copy & design,  how and why this affects  sales
  • Videos: professionally done; their many uses for book and author
  • Radio or TV: radio shows, both terrestrial and internet, as well as TV spots if qualified
  • Media tools:  bios that media respond to, electronic media kits, press releases
  • Host your own show: we find you your own terrestrial radio program, plus give the steps for creating and hosting it.

When one fully understands the ‘why’ of something, he’ll know how to create solutions that not only solve the problem…but keep it from repeating.  

The Fine Print

Prices for business services are by the hour and media services are by the package with budget-friendly monthly fee during campaign run. Prices are lower overall as all coaching is done on the phone which cuts down overhead. Single services can be delivered. All fees are negotiable based on a detailed phone interview to ascertain your goals and what’s needed. There is also a Quarterly Tips Service for those who simply want to stay on track.

Call for a free consultation or to just get to know one another. Customization, result-oriented systems and personal attention go hand in hand with this service. I am very hands-on and make sure everyone is winning and  that your goals are being met.  The key being that I tend to handle situations that others don’t, as well as knowing how to take ‘good’ and turn it into ‘greatness’.  So go ahead…give me your biggest challenge and we’ll solve it.. and put you way ahead of the game!

Onward & upward,

Barbara Miller

[email protected]