Secrets To Finding Excellent Managers and Staff

Secrets to Finding Excellent Managers and Staff


Corporate America faces the same challenges the small or medium sized company does when it comes to remaining successful. Besides a great product or service, upon what does a company really depend?

Quality people.

Period. Full stop.

A company may have many resources in terms of computers and equipment, buildings, location, a quality CEO, great products and services, and even short term funding resources.  But per in-depth surveys over the last 20 years, ‘people’ have turned out to be their most valuable resource. And the most important acquisition an organization can invest in over the long haul.

Chairman and CEO Michael Dell of Dell Computers stated in 2007 that of Dells top 10 priorities – “people” was at the  top of their list.  Dell found that often the strongest candidates weren’t always actively seeking a new position. Often the best candidates already had jobs and were very careful who they talked to about the fact that they were looking; fearing upset or possible retaliation from their current employer.

And although companies often advertise or place large display ads for good positions in the business section of newspapers; these aren’t often seen by the more qualified candidates as they don’t necessarily scan newspapers or job search websites.

In many cases the new positions open are not even advertised, as the business may reply on word of mouth or networking within their own circle of associates. Dells mission statement to his HR dept was simple: “Relentlessly recruit and hire world-class people.” But to do the above requires skill, persistence and the ability to act fast. For successful recruiting is much like making an offer at a fast-paced auction or buying a desirable home offered at a lower price. If you are slow to make an offer –you’re out of luck. For someone else faster with the intention to buy ‘now’ will move in.

How do dedicated recruiters work?

The good ones are a customized service that allows for more confidentiality and an ability to locate candidates that others can’t. This last ability usually comes from experience, a large network, and a bit of a do or die attitude where ‘failure’ simply isn’t an option in their eyes, as their intention to succeed is so high that the words ‘delay’ or ‘can’t’ are not in their vocabulary.

Also a customized recruiter can collect more information about the candidate than an agency or the average HR dept can, as a closer rapport can be developed with the candidate as they are adept at putting the candidate at ease so that more open and honest communication can occur.  As these recruiters know that the resume or CV is only the beginning of the process; that its the quality of the live communication that follows that determines success.

In most metropolitan areas recruiting ‘good people’ is more difficult than acquiring other resources for companies. Sometimes HR people wear many hats, but a dedicated recruiter wears all the hats necessary to finding the exact ideal candidate, as well as having the time and patience to perform as many in-depth interviews as needed.

Some even utilize state-of-the-art screening techniques that ensure the hiring of more stable, long term hires. Also a short training step can be added that gets the person off the run-way in a matter of days..instead of weeks –by empowering he or she to succeed in the new position faster – by increasing their understanding of it.

Hiring, firing, or loosing staff for any reason, is a time-consuming and costly venture for a company of any size these days because of the administrative steps involved with putting a new hire on post, plus any training or orientation involved in getting them started, as well as the efforts of other staff connected to the post while it is vacant.  All these things can eat up money and production time, while the person gets up on the post. So hiring the right person initially…so that the area doesn’t suffer too much of a slow-down.. can mean the difference between a department staying within a viable range or, crashing due to ‘no one on the post’ holding up their end of things.  And the smaller the company the more this factor is felt by one and all.

So don’t let really stellar managers, staff or key executives slip thru your fingers by limiting your recruitment efforts to newspaper ads or online recruitment sites – and then ‘hoping for the best’.  Most professional recruiters will come to your place of business to better understand your companies needs and give a free consultation upon request.