Know Where You’re Going



If you know what your goals are as an author, what type of books you want to write – then your next step is to have a purpose for your writing.


Are you interested in entertaining your reading public, informing them, inspiring or helping them in some way? Answering these questions will not only make the writing process easier but show what the intention is behind the writing. And when you know this – it will be easy to zero-in on your reasons for writing and what your purpose is.


When it comes time to create your book marketing campaign and do the promotion needed for your book launches… knowing your purpose for writing will impact the success of your your marketing and any media interviews you do.


Why is that?


With a background in Strategic Planning, PR, Marketing Platforms, Training Manual writing, Media Coaching and Radio Publicity for authors, I saw first-hand how the public responds to those who have a strong purpose for their books vs. those who have more emphasis on selling their books while being interviewed. It turns out that both host and listening audience tend to respond more favorably to those who don’t appear too commercial but come across as more purpose-driven: wanting their books to empower others in some way. And yes, entertain them also!


Even non-fiction how-to books receive more attention when there is a human element built into the way the author describes his book on-air or off.


There is much to know about book marketing in today’s world, and what applications will work best for each author…but answering the above philosophic questions first… regarding what one is doing and why… lays a strong foundation for the author so that when it comes time to apply the physical applications of marketing, he finds it much easier. As marketing strategies are then easier to create – and more powerful – when there is purpose behind them.